Our Commitment to Your Safety

As we welcome you back to our villas and condos, we are committed to providing you with a safe environment that aligns with expert protocols for working to defeat COVID-19.  Our current protocol includes disinfecting guest touch items at our villas, eliminating unneeded/unnecessary guest touch items and replacing with virtual options and utilizing hot water and heat for laundering. Our field team will be utilizing facemasks during the preparation of the villa/condo space. We will actively monitor and evolve our solutions to ensure a continued focus on the health and safety of our guests and field team.




Here are some information on what you can do to stay healthy as possible on your upcoming St. John trip.


1. Communication:


Talk to your family and especially kids keep it age-appropriate and simple. Be reassuring and empower them to stay healthy and incorporate cleaning habits into their daily routine.

2. Airline travel:


Wear your masks, wash your hands often and try to not touch surfaces. We recommend a window seat as the safest location and recommend that you wipe down surfaces before taking your seat.

3. Packing suggestions:


What additional items to pack for your safety?

  • Gloves
  • Facemasks
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Antibacterial Handwipes
  • Self-test thermometer
  • Medication (please do not rely on local stores for medication as supplies may be low).

 4. Wipe things down:


This includes the front and back of the seat tray, as well as the hardware, armrests, television and sound controls (basically everything), ask the flight attendant for extra spray and take the liberty to wipe down the seat area yourself. Alternatively, you can pack a few travel-sized bottles of liquid cleaning product and paper towels in your carry-on bag. At the car rental, before getting in the vehicle, you should wipe down the searing wheel, gear shifts, etc. Before physically entering the villa, we recommend that you wipe or spray bags, luggage, purses down with antiseptic cleaning solution and/or wipes and remove shoes upon entering. All food/foodstuff purchased should be wiped down before packing away.

5. What to expect at the villa/condo:


  • Interior of home will be disinfected, and touch items will be wiped down with antibacterial wash.
  • Pillows, blankets will be washed in hot water and dried with heat to disinfect and kill bacteria. Dishes will be washed in hot water but are not sanitized to restaurant standards.
  • Entertainment items like books, games, puzzles will not be sanitized so it is a safe bet to use wipes and wipe these items down as needed.
  • Antibacterial hand soap will be provided so that guests can utilize as needed
  • Guest books will be removed and digital options provided
  • Guest keys will be sanitized and left in Ziplock baggies

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 You deserve an amazing vacation and we can achieve this by working together!

~The St. John Signature Team!